What Is Linear Algebra Used For? | Mathematics Help

Algebra is hard enough to understand, and now they want you to use and understand linear algebra. What is it good for and why should you learn it? How will you be able to use it in the future? These are good questions and this should provide some of the answers.

Linear algebra is typically used when making a graph, and compares the changes in a variable compared to a set time or distance or other constant. Most linear equations will for a straight line graph. As an example, this can be used to determine how far a vehicle will travel at a fixed rate of speed at various time intervals. After you plot out the graph, you can determine the unknown variable (distance) by plotting it on the graph. This can be used for a multitude of different functions and is a handy tool for lots of different real life functions.

Understanding linear equations is a necessary stepping stone to understanding more complex algebra and calculus equations and graphing capabilities. And by putting the equation into a graphical form, it can be more easily understood and interpolated what the unknown value is at a quick glance. This is something that can be used in baking, real estate, construction and just about every job in existence.

Like anything new, it can be a little complex when you first start learning it. However, once you grasp the concepts, it literally can be an almost intuitive tool that you wonder how you managed to function without it.

Before you can start using linear algebra you need to have a basic understanding of algebra and algebraic equations. This is also one of the primary building blocks for advanced calculus. It is important to understand how to build the simple graphs of linear equations before you can get into the more complex 3-D modeling.